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  • UHF handheld terminals are mobile devices that utilize Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
    UHF handheld terminals are mobile devices that utilize Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
    • Jul 19, 2023

    In summary, UHF handheld terminals exhibit efficient recognition speed, long-range identification capabilities, large data storage capacity, portability, multi-functional applications, data transmission and integration capabilities, as well as a high degree of customization. These features make UHF handheld terminals crucial tools in fields such as asset management, logistics, and supply chain management.

  • UHF RFID handheld device application scenarios
    UHF RFID handheld device application scenarios
    • Feb 09, 2023

    UHF RFID handheld device application scenarios 1. Asset Tracking: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to track assets in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores. 2. Inventory Management: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to quickly scan and track inventory in real-time, eliminating manual counting and improving inventory accuracy. 3. Access Control: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to securely control access to restricted areas, such as warehouses, factories, and offices. 4. Retail Shopping: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to quickly identify, scan, and track items in retail stores for faster checkout. 5. Logistics Tracking: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to track shipments, packages, and pallets in real-time throughout the supply chain. 6. Patient Care: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to quickly identify patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. 7. Animal Identification: UHF RFID handheld devices can be used to quickly identify and track animals in zoos, farms, and wildlife  website link:https://www.jepower.net/android-11-handheld-pda-5-5inch-pda-uhf-rfid-reader-scanner-10m-long-range-rfid-scanner_p84.html

  • Android POS Terminal-JP762AC for payment on Bus and manage the Bus System
    Android POS Terminal-JP762AC for payment on Bus and manage the Bus System
    • Mar 29, 2022

    Our Hungarian customers, use our Android POS Terminal-JP762AC for payment on Bus and manage the Bus System Firstly,Passengers put their bus card and swipe on JP762AC, and JP762AC will read the card and deduct the money. Besides, JP762AC is used to monitor and manage bus systems as below  tasks : 1. Show the daily work schedule of the driver 2. Show the bus when should leave the starting point/arrive at the destination. 3. Real-time display of bus location and progress 4. Constantly send sales data to the server https://www.jepower.net/all-in-one-large-touch-screen-android-pos-terminal-with-printer-and-barcode-scanner_p21.html

  • El Salvador Handheld POS application case
    El Salvador Handheld POS application case
    • Mar 04, 2022

    In El Salvador. The customer's current solution is to use mobile phones and mobile printers to sell and deliver goods on trucks. The customer wanted to replace the original solution with a handheld POS. The user selects the goods on the spot and pays cash, and the truck driver prints a receipt for the user to keep. In addition, the user places an order online, prints the order on the truck, and the truck driver delivers the goods to the address on the order. Product Links:https://www.jepower.net/5-inch-all-in-one-android-handheld-pos-terminal_p13.html

  • Handheld POS HT518PR applied to takeaway platform
    Handheld POS HT518PR applied to takeaway platform
    • Feb 28, 2022

    Industry Application A British food delivery platform company A UK takeaway company platform company, business plan is to put the machine in different restaurants. The user places an order on the platform APP. The order will be sent to the corresponding restaurant and printed by HT518PR. The restaurant prepares the food according to the order. And the staff of platform go to the restaurant to pick up the food and check whether the dishes are consistent with the order on the spot. After the verification is completed, bring the food and receipts to the place designated by the user who placed the order and hand them over to the user. Product Links:https://www.jepower.net/5-inch-all-in-one-android-handheld-pos-terminal_p13.html

  • how to use barcode scanner with computer?
    how to use barcode scanner with computer?
    • Sep 15, 2021

    How to use barcode scanner with computer? The connection mode between the code scanning gun and the computer can be divided into two types: wired connection and Bluetooth connection. If you want to connect the computer with wire ,then connect the wire between the scanner and computer,the scanner will enter wire transmission mode,then you can use it as the vedio shows. but if you want to enter the bluetooth mode ,there is something you must done before you use. At this time, we need to use our product manual. As we can see that there is a mode:Bluetooth HID mode,that means if you want to connect the computer with bluetooth,you have to use the scanner to scan the barcode of Bluetooth HID mode,then there is a USB receiver,plug it into the USB interface of the computer, and then it can work normally. Specific and detailed operation videos can be viewed by clicking the link:how to use barcode scanner with computer

  • pos machine manufacturers in china
    pos machine manufacturers in china
    • Sep 22, 2021

    pos machine manufacturers in china. As a big producer in the world, China is the production base of many industrial products, and POS machine is no exception. China's exports of POS machines account for more than half of the world. Jepower is a POS manufacturer that has operated for more than 20 years. The company has its own factory and processing team. Jepower has its own core technology and its own technical development team, which can support customers to customize personalized products, meet the needs of customers in the POS industry and realize customers' desire for one-stop procurement Jepower has dozens of POS machines, which basically cover all the needs of the industry. The display sizes are 11.6 inches and 15.6 inches. There are single screen machines and double screen machines. There are built-in printers and external printers, with various functions. Jepower has cooperated with many major customers around the world. Especially with the arrival of the peak season in the second half of 2021, the company's POS demand has increased sharply. Jepower also actively responds to it and always ensures the delivery time of customers.

  • android pos machine features
    android pos machine features
    • Oct 11, 2021

    Products in video:handheld pos terminal HT518PR Android POS has several features: First:The operating system is Android system. It feels the same as our Android phones. Second:You can freely install most Android apps on the market. Last:Android POS machine can provide Android development kit, that is, SDK, which can provide developers to develop new functions. Android POS machine hardware generally includes touch screen, camera and printer. The touch screen is generally 5 inches and supports multi touch. The camera is generally a rear camera. In addition to taking photos, it can also support code scanning. The printer is generally 58mm caliber and can print receipts. More android pos machine click: handheld pos

  • Application of PDA in New Zealand e-commerce warehouse
    Application of PDA in New Zealand e-commerce warehouse
    • Dec 09, 2020

    As we all know, handheld terminal plays an important role in the management of Internet of goods. Therefore, PDA is widely used in supermarket inventory, warehouse management and other fields. This time, we introduce a case of PDA applied to a warehouse of an appliance manufacturer in New Zealand. Click to view the full video:android pda for warehouse in New Zealand The customer chose the R7 device without a handle, which was mainly used for warehouse scanning and inventory. It was equipped with an Android operating system and an Octor-core processor. Click to view the full video:android pda for warehouse in New Zealand The customer feedback PDA perfectly matches their software, and there are no problems in the use process. It is very easy to use and very satisfied. Related product links:pda android 7 barcode scanner

  • What's the use of Android PDA?
    What's the use of Android PDA?
    • Nov 23, 2020

    What's the use of Android PDA? Android PDA has the functions of data collection, data transmission and data processing. The PDA is lightweight and easy to operate according to the features of Android. Android PDA is widely used in logistics and express delivery, retail stores, health care, manufacturing, public utilities and other fields. 1. Logistics Express can be used for warehouse management, transportation management and data collection of goods in the process of logistics. It can improve the speed of sorting, planning, entering and leaving the warehouse, loading and transportation, reduce the error rate, and reduce the cost of manpower, material resources and time. rugged android pda 2. The retail industry can use Android PDA to realize the functions of store management, storage and distribution, commodity inventory, etc. With Android PDA, stores can query and modify information, inventory, guide shopping, etc. , which helps the store to be more efficient and enhance the customer experience. pda android 7 3. With the popularization of Android PDA, medical care can realize mobile nursing, doctor rounds, patient monitoring, pharmacist dispensing and distribution, file and medical record management, etc. To improve work efficiency. 4. PDA of manufacturing industry collects, checks and inquires the information of accessories and commodities in real time. It can be used for factory production parts management and production warehouse management; it can also be used in automobile manufacturing, machinery and other fields to read special identification of the DPM code. pda android barcode 5. Utility PDA can be used in fixed assets management, parking lot management, air sorting, ticket checking and other fields. PDA is a kind of practical equipment, which is widely used in logistics, warehousing, retail, fixed asset management and other industries.

  • Bus ticketing machine in sri lanka
    Bus ticketing machine in sri lanka
    • Nov 20, 2020

    How to deal with the problem of ticket collection? Today we will introduce a popular bus ticket machine——JP762AP First of all, the machine needs to be fixed on the bus. There is a fixed device at the back of the machine. You just need to find a suitable position to fix it in the bus, which can avoid falling and other damage caused by the bumps of the bus. Secondly, jp762ap supports reading NFC cards, which means that it can read bus cards, bank cards, etc., which is convenient for customers to get on the bus and improve the efficiency of bus operation. Third, after swiping the card, the machine sends out a sound to inform the driver and passengers to ensure that the amount is correct. At the same time, if the card is not swiped correctly or the card is not swiped successfully, it can remind the passengers to operate again. Fourth, after swiping the card, you can print out a small ticket to the passenger, which can be used as a reimbursement voucher or ticket.JP762AP has 58mm termal printer inside ,which can support ticket printing. Finally, the jp762ap machine has GPS positioning function, that is, the background management personnel can easily know the location of the bus at any time, which is convenient for management. When the bus has an accident, it can also handle it quickly, which is very practical. The related machine links are as follows : bus ticketing machine JP762AP Guess you like it:How to use a voting machine ?

  • How to use a voting machine
    How to use a voting machine
    • Nov 19, 2020

    How to use a voting machine ? Product link corresponding to the picture :all in one Android pos JP762AC As we all kown,a voting machine is a machine used to record or tally votes. The first voting machines were mechanical but it is increasingly more common to use electronic voting machines. So today,we introduce how all in one pos machine use as a voting machine. First of all, we fill in the corresponding information of the elector into the POS machine, including the voter's photo, name, number and so on. The composition of the information depends on the decision of the electoral body. Secondly, voters can vote by clicking the corresponding characters on the screen through POS machine. POS machine can support touch screen and face recognition, and can record the voting information of voters to prevent cheating. Third, in order to better statistical results, after the POS machine votes, it is necessary to print a small vote to the voters. The staff can let the voters vote again on the spot, put the corresponding small votes into the voter's box, and then make statistics. All the staff need to do is to maintain the order of the site and ensure the normal operation of the machine. Guess you like it : Pda For Supermarket Management

  • Pda for supermarket management
    Pda for supermarket management
    • Nov 17, 2020

    This time, let's introduce how Android PDA is applied to the goods management of supermarkets. This is an Israeli company. Because it was a waste of time to count and manage goods manually, in order to improve the work efficiency of employees, it bought Android PDA to manage the goods in the supermarket. First of all, the staff scan the bar code of the corresponding items on the supermarket shelf, and can quickly read out the product information, and select to view the corresponding information according to their own needs. After reading the product information, the staff open the Bluetooth of PDA, connect it with a Bluetooth printer, print out the unit price information of the product, and put it in front of the product for customers to check. PDA is simple and easy to use, which greatly improves the working efficiency of supermarket staff. The related product links in this article are: 5 Inch Touch Screen Android Handheld Barcode Scanner PDA Guess you like it:Handheld Pos Terminal For Highway Toll

  • handheld pos terminal for Highway toll
    handheld pos terminal for Highway toll
    • Nov 16, 2020

    Today, we will introduce how the handheld POS can be used in high-speed toll stations in addition to PDA. The corresponding product link in the figure: 5.5 Inch Android Handheld Pos Terminal With Printer We all know that the toll station is based on the distance of driving distance to determine the charge, so we need to know the starting point and terminal position of the driver before we can judge how much high-speed fee should be charged. In order to solve this problem, there is a simple way, that is to use a handheld POS machine to record. When the car enters the toll station, the driver is given an NFC card, which records the location of the starting point. When the customer arrives at the corresponding toll station at high speed, the staff can read the driver's NFC card information with the handheld POS, then know the corresponding distance, input it into the computer terminal, and then calculate the corresponding toll. After charging the customer's fee, the staff can print the small ticket and other bills for the driver, so as to facilitate the driver's reimbursement. The whole system is relatively simple and practical, which effectively solves the demand of customer management for high-speed charging. Guess you like it:Pda Inventory Management In Tire Enterprises

  • Pda inventory management in tire enterprises
    Pda inventory management in tire enterprises
    • Nov 12, 2020

    Today,we introduce how Pda works in inventory management in tire enterprises. Customer Name: Hantai tire Enterprise scale: large multinational tire enterprises. The massive information processing needs to use the handheld data acquisition terminal to apply the barcode management to the management of various specifications of tire packaging, warehousing, product sales flow tracking, anti-counterfeiting, market inspection and so on after the bare tire vulcanization line. Jiebao technology ht380d, with its quality and performance technology, has been shortlisted to help Hantai tire easily manage the production and sales of tires. Associated products:4 Inch Android PDA Ht380D information management module of ht380D is applied to Hantai tire 1. Warehousing management: use HT380D to scan the tire barcode, store the tire into the warehouse, upload the data to the system, and interact with ERP. 2. Warehouse out management: use HT380D to scan the tire bar code, put the tire out of the warehouse, upload the data to the system, and interact with ERP. 3. Packaging management: use HT380D to scan the tire barcode, and the barcode data is transmitted to the barcode printer. 4. Inventory management: according to the stock taking notice, HT380D is used to collect the document number, shelf code and tire barcode, and upload the data to the system. 5. Product flow management: HT380D is used to scan the barcode of sold tires, and the specific flow direction of each tire can be traced, including dealer information, logistics information, etc. 6. Anti collusion Management: use HT380D to scan the barcode of the sold tires, trace the corresponding dealers and regions of the tires, investigate and deal with the dealers of cross selling, and rectify the market order. 7. Market inspection management: the market inspection department can use HT380D to scan the barcode of sold tires, so as to find out which link the tire has problems, so as to facilitate recall and handling. Guess you like it:PDA For School Body Temperature Measurement

  • PDA for School body temperature measurement
    PDA for School body temperature measurement
    • Nov 10, 2020

    Let‘s see how pda works in body temperature measurement We all know that this year's new coronavirus has seriously affected our normal life, work and study. It has caused great losses to us. Therefore, we need to strengthen prevention, such as timely temperature measurement, disinfection, etc., and deal with the epidemic situation in time. In Africa and other regions, medical equipment is relatively backward, and the population is relatively dense, which requires more attention and strengthening of epidemic prevention and control.To this end, schools in Uganda have adopted jepower's 380d thermometer to help schools manage students' health. First of all, in order to ensure the one-to-one correspondence between students and body temperature, the school uses the way of reading the student card to record the temperature information under the corresponding student card name. In this way, the corresponding temperature of which student is how much, so that you can clearly record. Second, after reading the student card, start to measure the student's temperature. Align the PDA with the student's forehead or face and other parts. Press the PDA button to measure the student's temperature and record it. Related products:Infrared Thermometer PDA HT380D Finally, in order to have a unified information management, we send the information such as student ID number, student temperature and temperature measurement time to the client's server through the program connection WiFi or 4G network. The temperature information of all students can be seen in the background, and the students with abnormal body temperature can be handled simply and efficiently Guess you like it:Uhf Rfid Pda Scanner For Tree Management

  • Uhf rfid pda scanner for Tree management
    Uhf rfid pda scanner for Tree management
    • Nov 06, 2020

    today,we introduce how Uhf rfid pda scanner used for Tree management. The device in the picture is:Pda Uhf Rfid Reader Long Range R11 Some tree garden management companies need to timely record the corresponding tree information, such as the age of the tree. The traditional method is to nail a brand on each tree, and then the staff use pen and paper to record the information of the tree. This is more troublesome, inefficient and inconvenient to manage. Now the advanced enterprise's practice is to nail a UHF RFID tag into the tree. The tag is unique. Identifying this tag is equivalent to knowing the tree. This kind of label is generally round, with a sharp bottom, which is easy to nail into the tree. Moreover, it is generally ultra-high frequency tag. The identification distance is relatively far. You can stand close and use the machine to identify it. Generally, the reading and writing distance of the label is relatively short, and it is not convenient to record because it needs to be pasted on the label when recording. After the trees are nailed with UHF hard tags, the next step is to use the UHF RFID PDA, which is our UHF RFID PDA. When using this kind of machine, we can quickly read the information of trees by pressing the button of the handle, and the information can be saved in the PDA for later management. Related product recommendation:UHF RFID Reader Guess you like it:PDA device 2020

  • pda device 2020
    pda device 2020
    • Nov 05, 2020

    PDA device 2020 It is known to all that pda is a palmtop computer that functions as a personal organizer but also provides email and internet access.Its core function is to scan the code. According to the different scanning distance, we can divide it into general PDA and UHF PDA. Generally, the reading and writing distance of PDA is relatively short, about 10 cm, to meet the daily needs of life, such as express scanning code, supermarket product scanning code management, etc., which are some close range scanning scenes. MORE product click here:barcode scanner pda The UHF PDA is different. Its read-write distance can reach 10 meters, which means that the label can read and write information at a distance of 10 meters. This can easily read and write long-distance labels, or when you need to read and write a lot of barcodes in a range, you can stand in the middle of the bar codes, and the barcodes in the range of reading and writing distance can be read quickly There is no need to scan the code one by one, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work. The common application of UHF is in warehouse management, small goods inventory and other scenarios. MORE product click here:UHF RFID pda According to the operating system, the PDA can be divided into Android PDA and window PDA. According to the customer's operating habits and application software requirements, you can choose your own operating system. The system provides SDK development kit, which can support the customer's own expansion and development. Our company will also provide relevant technical help to realize customer's development customization. Android pda wince pda Guess you like it:pda barcode scanner for inventory

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