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All in one POS for shop management

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All in one POS for shop management

  • Jun 06, 2019

what's the most popular all in one pos terminal nowadays?let's see the indroduction below.

Shop cashier management system is a set of catering cashier management system based on Android platform, with simple and easy-to-use operation interface. It supports cloud data synchronous storage, data exchange and sharing among chain stores, electronic scale weighing and charging, kitchen separate printing, mobile table ordering and other catering personalized function requirements.

Features of Android catering system:

1. Simple and fast cash register process, easy to use.
2. Intelligent system security.
3. The user-friendly data synchronization only needs one input and modification on the cloud, and all terminals can update the data synchronously.
4. Advanced cloud storage technology, all data automatic cloud backup, data security is no longer troubled by equipment.
5. Mobile management background, as long as there are computers and networks, you can manage and operate anytime and anywhere.
6. Automatic online upgrade, the same as mobile phone software, click OK to automatically complete the upgrade.

Function Outline

Front desk function:
Open cash box: it can open the cash box automatically after checking out
Member operation: you can add, edit, transfer, recharge and commodity exchange
Bill query: it can query the bills that have not been checked by shift, and can also be used to restore bills and reprint settlement documents
Shift handover: shift handover and audit can be carried out (save the completed data)
Table area selection: fast positioning according to floor area (find table)
Preferential scheme: recommend the product category according to the discount promotion method

Background function:
Report: query all account information
Front desk setting: set bill printing, printer connection and other commodity settings: commodity information, preferential scheme, package and commission can be set
Member: you can delete members, set points rules, exchange commodities, and check the consumption records and recharge records of members
Backup: can store and backup the operated data (can be saved to SD card, local computer and USB flash disk)
Recovery: historical storage can be recovered
Excel import: all edited information can be imported into the system through Excel, which is easy to operate
More: mainly about us, version update, activation and company information editing

Application range:

Chinese restaurant, fast food restaurant, food city, milk tea shop, dried fruit / fruit shop, special snack bar, Western food and coffee shop.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.