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Warehousing solution

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Warehousing solution

  • Sep 21, 2020

Here ,we introduce how the barcode scanner work for inventory.

1、 Brief introduction of the scheme:

Warehousing and distribution solution integrates warehousing and distribution solutions, and supports multi company and multi entity logistics full cycle management. From customer order generation to warehouse management, picking and packaging, to distribution planning, execution and financial settlement, it integrates the complete supply chain statistics and analysis functions, with the remarkable characteristics of multi-function, systematization and intelligence. It is suitable for the third-party warehousing and enterprise warehousing in e-commerce, clothing industry, pharmaceutical circulation, automobile / electronic / machine manufacturing industry, food cold chain, industrial distribution and other business forms, and supports warehouse value-added services and other operation modes.

2、 Main process:

Through the logistics planning system to receive orders, select logistics warehouse, and generate warehousing logistics tasks, such as warehousing, warehousing operations, outbound, etc. Assign the task to the distribution management system, carry out distribution planning, transportation, delivery and other services, and then carry out unified settlement of expenses and reconciliation with customers.

3、 Technical highlights:

Based on new technology (. Net): combination of C / s and B / S
Scalable architecture: support centralized, distributed and multi warehouse

4、 Function module:

It provides powerful application functions of complete supply chain from order generation to warehousing, picking and financial settlement, including order management, arrival management, storage management, sorting and packaging, distribution management, financial management, billing management and other functional modules. It also has new functions such as online business hall and customer relationship management, which is a one-stop solution for modern warehousing and distribution business 。

5、 Role structure

Under this platform, shippers, suppliers, carriers, consignees and warehouse distributors can cooperate and interact in one platform at the same time, which greatly reduces the communication cost of multiple parties and improves the overall operation efficiency.

6、 Advantages of the scheme:

1. The built-in industry model covers the business of three-party warehouse management, and covers various business forms in combination with warehousing operation, warehousing distribution and other related business forms

2. For the warehouse management business of group structure, it has great advantages

3. Cross platform application

It is not only applied to PDA handheld terminals, but also to PC, web, Android and other platforms. Intelligent data import interface is used to solve the data connection requirements with other platforms.

4. Intelligent data analysis

Multi style report analysis is provided, and data integration analysis can be done in combination with business, finance, expense and other dimensions. Self service report secondary processing can be provided, and secondary processing can be done according to actual needs.

5. Analysis of customer contribution rate

In the form of multi-style reports, including pie chart and bar chart, the business contribution rate of different customers can be displayed intuitively, which is convenient to explore customers, core customers and customers with high growth potential.

6. Detailed analysis of operation data

Provide daily receiving operation data summary analysis, daily shelf operation data summary analysis, and operator receiving operation detail data analysis.

7. Location status analysis

According to the inventory data, provide a detailed analysis of the location, especially suitable for the storage and distribution enterprises with three-dimensional shelves

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